Agua Amarga in Cabo de Gata-Níjar

Agua Amarga Cabo de Gata-Níjar
Agua Amarga Cabo de Gata Almeria

Agua Amarga is one of the prettiest villages in the park, with a fairly small population center and the hills surrounding the town are dotted with white houses of careful architecture.

Calle de Agua AmargaWalking through the streets of the town, especially around the square, we can find some fashion and accessories stores, "chic" style, highly recommended. Also noteworthy in this village is the lush greenery on terraces and balconies, or the amount of trees near the beach we found, taking into account the climatic conditions of the area.The beach is perfectly aligned with the town, to create a fantastic combination, in terms of accessibility and beautiful views.

Torre vigilancia en Mesa Roldan Cabo de GataAgua Amarga is near Mesa Roldán, where you can visit an ancient volcanic dome on top of which there is located a watchtower and a lighthouse. From this point the Agua Amarga views, beaches and coves is impressive. If we want enjoy a virgin beach we must visit the Beach Los Muertos (Beach Death People), a magnificent beach where access is by a path and not accessible for people with disabilities.

Finally note that in the summer months the population of Agua Amarga is increased considerably.

Agua Amarga desde levante

Beach of Agua Amarga

Agua Amarga Beach is an urban beach that occupies the entire length of the core population, just over a mile, with a considerable width, the sand is fine and golden and has access for the disabled. It also has a lifeguard lookout, the level occupation in the months of July and August is quite high. Being a city beach can find all kinds of services: bars and restaurants on the beach, ice cream kiosks and accommodation.

Cuevas Playa Agua Amarga Cabo de GataThe west of the beach is flanked by a rocky cliff with small caves that apparently could be inhabited once. If you border this cliff with a kayak or an other kind of boat, you will arrive at a small cove, where there is a cave where people have traditionally gone to take mud baths to soften skin. In the north of the beach we found an abandoned mineral loading, which was used to transport the ore from the inside lands, Torres Lucainena, to the boats by railroad. Today this stretch of railway is used as a greenway for walkers, here's a PDF with the route.

Cortijo Fortificado Cala del PlomoOn the south of this beach you can visit the nearby beaches of Cala Cala Enmedio and Cala del Plomo or Fortified Cortijo de la Rambla del Plomo, which was built between the XVII and XVIII centuries to protect farmers from surrounding attacks Barbary pirates.

In the north of Agua Amarga, at the foot of the hill of Mesa Roldán, three small coves that can be visited for its wild beauty are Cala Arena, Cala Sorbas and Cala Castillo. All of they no easily accessible by land.

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