San José in Cabo de Gata

San José Cabo de Gata
San José Almería

The village of San José is considered the capital of the Natural Park, for being the largest population within the Park and for having all the necessary services.


San José is part of the municipality of Níjar, and has counted about 800 inhabitants, doubling or tripling this number in summer,Casa en San Jose Cabo de Gata even in this case, their environment is in tune with the environment of the park, their houses are little buildings with white-walled, governed by planning law inside the reserve. San Jose was a village dedicated to fishing and now their main activity is tourism, if so, have built all kinds of services such as the marina. Some houses overlook the sea from cliffs that enclose the middle of the village, with a spectacular view of the sea.

San José
San José

The town square has a lot of life, there are dining options with its terraces, a shop, and a great playground, giving joy at the number of children who enjoy it. Also based on the square and stretching into the small promenade, we can find craft stalls with necklaces, pendants, ornaments etc. made of different materials like leather, metal or shells. These exciting stalls are the proof of how a bohemian part of outsiders have chosen setting Cabo de Gata to live, and earn a living from their craft or art.

Beach of San José

This is an urban beach, is the largest beach in the heart of San Jose, unlike most beaches in the park, that are virgins,in this beach you will find all kinds of services such as access for the disabled, toilets, showers, bars, restaurants, lifeguards, goals for football and beachfront accommodations.

This is a large beach, 850 meters of longer, with fine sand and a fairly high level of occupation. In the same village we find other small coves where taking a bath, but it is very small beaches and they are filled quickly.

Kayak en la playa de San José Cabo de GataOn the left side of the beach there are a couple of booths where we can rent kayaks. Also, here you can hire a guided kayak route. The guide route will take you to the north to see the cliff area of the friars, only visible from the water, Cala Higuera, you will pass also, by Cala Punta de la Higuera, and the cave of snuff. Also during the route you will enter with your canoe into a cave to see different species of coral. This place has the comprehensive marine reserve area of Punta de Loma Pelada, a place where the variety of fish and aquatic life is spectacular. If you will do the kayak route is advisable to take diving goggles because it makes a short stop for snorkeling, and receive information of the different types of fish that are observable.

Beaches near San José

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