San Pedro Beach in Cabo de Gata

Cala San Pedro is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, embedded between the hills of this semi-desert landscape opens up an oasys of vegetation, fine sand and turquoise water that looks like a tropical paradise.

Cala San Pedro is an isolated beach and the only way to reach it is on foot or by sea. The walking path is just over an hour each way. The trail starts to the left of Las Negras village, we must follow the directions Cala San Pedro, which will take us north to the farmhouse of Estanquillo, park your car there. Here starts the footpath, the track is wide and easy to walk, the first part is uphill but then the walking path softens above the cliffs of the coast. It is imperative that we take all necessary because there will not find anything (water, food and above all do not forget garbage bags). We must remember that throughout the trail there is not a moment of shade in summer and can be heavy. If you do not want to walk the other option is to rent a boat in Las Negras, the travel by sea will take us to the cove, it cost 10€ or 12 €.

This beach is a great place for swimming and practice of naturism, with mixture of fine sand and coarser. The cove has a community of people who live there all year. This hippie community lives primarily of the manufacture of handcrafts made of leather, shells or other materials. These people have built their homes with local materials and live disconnected from modernity and in harmony with the environment. In summer the number of inhabitants increases you may find several tents of young people who have spent the summer or a few days there. Among the inhabitants and tourists that visit the cove in the summer months it may seem crowded, but the rest of the year is a haven of peace and tranquility.

Cala San Pedro Cabo de Gata

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