Beach of Genoveses

Beach los Genoveses Cabo de Gata
Beach los Genoveses Cabo de Gata-Níjar

Without doubt the most beautiful bay of the Nature Reserve is this beach consists of dunes virgin fine golden sand. Located on the site of the Campillo de los Genoveses a valley without paved roads and very few buildings that preserves the beauty in its purest form.

The beach occupies the entire bay, is wide and is surrounded by small dunes where typical vegetation grows, such as cacti and agaves pitas or high pitaco. A beach which facilitates the bath due to its smooth and progressive entry into water, the cover takes a long time. It is protected from the crowds and like Mónsul beach, private car access is restricted, in summer, to a few vehicles per day, once the car reaches the quota can only be reached by public transport or walk. Public transport buses go from the village of San José to the beaches of Genoveses and Mónsul.

Artes de pesca en Genoveses Cabo de GataIn summer we recommend go walking or by bike, the beach is about a mile from the village of San José, and the walking tour allows us to slowly entering and discover this unique beauty spot. If you go walking here's a map showing the way from the parking lot of San José to the beach. When you start the dirt road, and just past the mill take the path on the left that leads to the beach. Access is by unpaved tracks but easy step, even with prams.


The beach is so named because in 1147 a fleet of two hundred ships Genoese, who came to join the troops of Alfonso VII, to conquer the city of Almeria to the Muslims, was camping in the bay for at least two months before the attack on the city. In 1571, also in the Bahía de Genoveses, pooled the army of the Spanish Armada, consisting of more than three hundred vessels and thirty thousand men, before embarking on the road to the Battle of Lepanto.

En 1571, también en la bahía de Genoveses, se agrupó el ejército de la Armada Española, compuesta de más de trescientos barcos y treinta mil hombres, antes de iniciar el camino a la Batalla de Lepanto.

Vegetación Beach de Genoveses

We must remember that this is a virgin beach so you must carry everything you might need, there you will not find stalls to buy water or ice. Do not forget to bring bags to collect the waste, this beach has remained well since before man have transformed the land and must go on as a legacy to future generations.

It is common to find swimmers who practice nudism naturist, although not officially considered a nude beach, it is a space where coexist harmoniously different ways of living in bond with nature. Aerial View Genoveses Beach Spain But honestly in summer the beach gets too full and nudists prefer smaller coves reserved from looks as Cala Principe Beach.

Further west we find Cala Grande Beach, which despite its name is small, a few hundred meters long, then Cala Principe Beach, which as already discussed is frequented by nudists. The next cove is Cala Chica Beach, which is considerably bigger than the previous two and with dunes with little vegetation inside. The next two bays are Cala Barranco Beach and Cala Lance Beach latter has basalt formations emerging from the sand in the center of the beach that make it unique. All these beaches can be reached walking a path around the coast, but that is not easily accessible and not suitable for people with vertigo as it passes near a cliff, are also accessible from roads that leave the main track. If you want to see the location of these beaches see the map of beaches.

Beach los Genoveses Cabo de Gata


Map to the Beach of Genoveses

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