Las Negras in Cabo de Gata-Níjar

Las Negras Cabo de Gata-Níjar
Las Negras Almería

Las Negras is one of the most touristic and endearing towns in the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park. Although the town's beach is not among the most famous, its location, in the center of the Park, makes this town an excellent option to stay.

Years ago Las Negras was inhabited almost exclusively by fishermen, today the small town shares this activity with tourism. Half of it, little more than three hundred registered inhabitants, are foreigners, mostly Germans, who have chosen the Las Negras as his residence, attracted by the tranquility and beauty of the landscape. But if we go to the beach in the village can see the fishing boats every night still operating in its waters and walking around the town is still possible to come across a herd of sheep or goats from a local pastor. In contrast to the traditional houses and hotels can be found new construction despite its modernity not clash, since among other things respect the low altitude and the white color of the houses.

Pescadores Las Negras Cabo de GataLas Negras get its named from the mountain which is on the left of the village, El Cerro Negro (The Black Mountain), a large mass of dark volcanic material, that because the effect of erosion has spread it over the sea and the beaches of the town, and fills the shores of stones of this color.

Due to the proximity of Beach Cala San Pedro, which has hosted since years a community of hippies, in the town is palpable an air of bohemia that is reflected in some establishments and homes.

Beach of Las Negras

Playa de las Negras Cabo de Gata
Playa de las Negras Parque Natural

The beach of Las Negras is very characteristic for the large amount of dark stones scattered across the sand. The beach has a length of 850 meters, it's in the center of town and has all kinds of services like, vigilant lifeguards, catering, accommodation, tourism activities. The beach is easily accessible, we can park the car in a concourse near of beach and access is enabled for disabled people.

Surrounded by hills on either side, stands the Cerro Negro (Black Mountain), in the east of the beach, with its dark stone cliffs are a perfect example of the volcanic origin of this park. The beach as I said is full of black and colored stones, so it is not ideal for swimmers seeking only fine sand, but in return offers a crystal clear sea full of fish, it is a truly wonderful place for snorkeling.

Barcas Playa Las Negras Cabo GataPart of the beach is shared with small fishing boats of local people who are stranded during the day and at the evening they will get back to fish. Nearby is Cala San Pedro Beach, a cove completely isolated, it is reached only by sea or after 2 hours walking through the forest. There is a hippie community that lives in the cove and it is not uncommon to see boats or canoes of the inhabitants of the colony who come to Las Negras for supplies or other services.

South of this beach there is the Cala del Cuervo beach. To get there we have to take the detour there on the road before entering the village of Las Negras, Rambla del Cuervo and camping, direction. From the parking area you go down 100 meters down the ravine to reach the beach. On the way to the cove and from the sand of the beach there is a lovely view of the village of Las Negras and Cerro Negro.

Map to Las Negras

Las Negras Cabo de Gata
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