Cala del Plomo Beach

Plomo Cove Beach Spain


Cala del Plomo is located away from any urban center, 3 kilometers from Agua Amarga and more than 6 from Las Negras, in a straight line, which guarantees exceptional quality and cleanliness of the water.

Characteristics of the beach

It is a large cove, more than 200 meters long. At the beginning it is full of stones but as we get closer to the shore it becomes a sandy beach with fine and pleasant sand. The entrance to the water is progressive, ideal for children to playr. On both sides of the cove there are eroded walls formed by fossil dunes, and that hide countless places to explore. The quality of the water is exceptional and the marine fauna that can be observed doing snorkeling is also remarkable, especially near the rock formations formed by the fossil dunes.

The beach is frequented by both naturist bathers and textiles. In summer the influx is moderate, due to the ease of arriving, it's easy to find some vans or caravans camped.

On one side, to the south past the farmhouse of El Plomo, there is a rocky ledge known as Punta de El Plomo. There was a watchtower in the sixteenth century from where the guards, who lived in the ranch of El Plomo, lookk out the sea before the threat of the Berber pirates.

How to get to Cala del Plomo?

If we have a car from the  AL-5106 , which is the road that leads to Agua Amarga, we must take the deviation indicated to Fernán Pérez, after 700 meters we will see an indication to Cala del Plomo, we take it to the left.

The road runs along the Rambla del Plomo, a small oasis of vegetation with palm trees, olive trees and agricultural terraces. we will pass near the Fortified Farmhouse of the Rambla del Plomo, which was built between the XVII and XVIII centuries to protect the peasants from the surroundings of the attacks of the Berber pirates. After traveling 6.5 kilometers since we left the main road we arrive at Cala del Plomo.

From the car park if we go back some 200 meters along the road we will find the path that leads to Cala de Enmedio.


 Fossil dune in Cala del Plomo


Cala el Plomo & Cala de Enmedio Map

See Cala del Plomo & Cala de Enmedio in a larger map





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