Mermaids Reef (Arrecife de las Sirenas)

Mermaids reef Cabo de Gata


This reef, that can be observed from the viewpoint of the mermaids next to the lighthouse of Cabo de Gata, is one of the most emblematic and photographed views of the Park. It is located in the exact geographical point of the Cape of Gata, therefore it is the most Eastern part of the south of Spain. Surely the place owes its name to the presence of monk seals that inhabited this reef and that the old navigators could confuse with mermaids, at present there is no presence of these mammals on the coast of Cabo de Gata..


The reef formations that rise above the water level are ancient volcanic chimneys, and owe their dark color to the material dumped by them. From the top of the viewpoint you can see the steep cliffs of the area and in the background, the water surrounding the reef is like a crystal that allows us to observe the mosaic of the sea floor coloring the sea turquoise, green and all shades blue.


Cala Las Sirenas Cabo de GataYou can access the reef through a small descent and upon arriving there we will find a fantastic view. At the entrance we find a stretch of rusty and possibly disused rails for throw aside boats. Turning to the right and after overcoming some medium rock formations (we must wear appropriate footwear) we arrive at a tiny cove with space for barely 4 or 5 towels when the tide is low, when the tide rises the water practically floods the whole space. In this small cove we can enjoy the enveloping sensation of the rock formations of the cliffs, the vision of the capricious shapes that emerge from the water, and the crystalline sea full of life, as we are in one of the areas preferred by divers To explore the seabed. Next to the viewpoint there is a tourist information point.


Las Sirenas de Cabo de Gata Almeria



How to get at the Sirens Reef

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