Cabo de Gata Lighthouse

Cabo de Gata lighthouse


Once we are near the lighthouse of Cabo de Gata we can say that we have been where the south eastern Spain ends, because this lighthouse , and the viewpoint of the Sirens that is beside, were built in the exact geographical point where is located the Cape of Gata, as it was known at the time of the Greeks and Phoenicians and used throughout history as a reference point for sailors .


The lighthouse there today is relatively modern construction 1863, and the dependences beside the lighthouse were built in the twentieth century . The lighthouse was built on the ruins of the castle of San Francisco de Paula , what was part of the existing sea defensive battery in the Almeria coast, which was destroyed during the War of Independence, versus Napoleon. Built on a cliff 50 meters and a tower height of 18 meters, the flashes of light are visible 30 miles , 45 kilometers , supplemented by an audible siren that the days of thick fog is activated to alerting ships of their presence. The lighthouse was built as a warning to mariners of the presence of the dangerous Laja of the Cape , this reef located at one nautical mile into the sea off the lighthouse is causing many shipwrecks throughout history . One of most visited wreck for divers is the Czechoslovak Arna ship , which sank in 1928 when it hits the Laja Cape , and had once carried iron ore and today is haven for fish and entertainment for divers.


Cabo de Gata lighthouse from the coveThe Cabo de Gata lighthouse landmark spot receives thousands of visitors every year , we recommend approaching the sunset as the best time , as you can see one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Natural Park. The lighthouse is near the huge beach of Salinas and has other small coves around, making it a good choice to complete the visit with a dip in their costs.


To get to the lighthouse we take the road  Al- 3115 , this road out of the neighborhood of Cabo de Gata covers the long straight that runs between the beach and Las Salinas, without leaving this road , past the neighborhood of La Fabriquilla the road up to the hill , this final stretch of the road is narrow and winding , narrow pieces there that can only happen in a car , but not more than two or three kilometers. In summer you can form jams on this stretch of road due to the influx of visitors, if you decide to go auto caravan this stretch of road can be considerable jam until all vehicles are organized to let the caravan. Here is a map showing the way.


A few meters before reaching the lighthouse, on the right, there is Corralete beach is accessed by a path of about 100 meters and a slope. The beach is nice for swimming and offers a splendid view of the raised lighthouse on Punta del Cuchillo. From this point there is a path to visit Cala Raja and reef finger.

Cabo de Gata lighthouse at sunset



Route to reach to Cabo de Gata Lighthouse

Ver Faro de Cabo de Gata en un mapa más grande





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