Fauna of the Cabo de Gata Park

ocellated lizard Cabo de Gata


Fauna and wildlife of the park consists of animals that are adapted to an arid land, with scarcity of water and vegetation. It is typical the fauna of Southeastern Europe associated with dry Mediterranean ecosystems.


The family of mammals is represented by small animals such as rabbits, hares, shrews, urchins, moles, genets and badgers among others. Occasionally you can see some fox or small herd of wild boar that leave the interior of the province and approach the coast in search of food.


fox in cabo de gataReptiles and amphibians are much more abundant, and it is not difficult to see the snaky viper or the ocellated lizard. Other reptiles that share the park are the bastard snake, ladder snake, leprous tortoise and runner toad among others.


In the Saltworks you can see many species of birds, here is an article about them. In the arid and rocky areas live raptors such as the Bonelli's eagle or the owl


The presence of insects is constant throughout the park but never becoming as annoying as in more humid areas, the most colorful of them may be the praying mantis.


Marine fauna is explained in the article Marine Reserve.


Snake in cabo de gata






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