Bus to the beaches of Monsul and Genoveses

Autobus playa genoveses Cabo de Gata Almería


Bus stops and timetables to Mónsul and Genoveses

The bus schedule is 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. , uninterrupted, with a frequency of 30 minutes.

    Bus stops at San José
  • - Calle Entrada, near parking lot of San José.
  • - Calle de Correos, in front of supermarket.
  • - Calle Ronda, at the begining of the road to Genoveses.


As every summer traffic is restricted on the beaches of Mónsul and Genoveses. The restriction begins June 14 and ends on September 14.


New bus fare from San Jose to beaches

The bus to beaches of Genoveses and Mónsul cost this summer 1€ each way. Park the car in the parking lots of the beaches will still cost 5€ in high season. The price of the bus has been reduced this year by half to encourage the use of this transport.


Beauty and fame of beaches Mónsul and Genoveses are undeniable. It is for this reason that these sites receive thousands of visitors every year, looking for prime locations where taking a bath. This influx of tourists in summer is to much, so the authorities did raise the need to limit the number of vehicles that used the Genoveses road to get to the beaches.


Is for this reason that, since 2010, every summer, a barrier is installed at entry of the road to prevent the passage of private vehicles when parking lots of the beaches are already full. Once the barrier is down the only way to access the beaches is walking, bicycle or public transport . The bus service at begining costed € 3, but due to popular rejection and complaints from tourism sector of San Jose price was lowered to 1 €.
Bus schedule a Genoveses is from 9 am to 9 pm.
The municipality of Nijar, which is the agency that assumes the service, uses the benefit of this service to cover the costs of maintenance the way.


Best option if you've come from out of San Jose is to park the car in the free parking , which is at the entry street of San Jose and from there grab the bus to the beach in its stop.


What kind of vehicles affects?

To all motor vehicles. Due to the massive influx of people to the beaches of west San Jose a few years ago it was decided to limit the number of cars that have access to these beaches. Allowed to pass cars until fill the parking spaces available at the beach Genoveses and beach Mónsul . The price for access to parking of the beaches is 5€ a day . Once the limit is reached the parking access barrier is get down and can no longer spend more motor vehicles.


What beaches affects?

Access is restricted to the beaches that are in the west of San José, from Genoveses Beach to Carbon Creek. The main beaches are Genoveses, Mónsul and Barronal, and small coves located between them as: Cala Grande, Cala del Príncipe, Cala del Lance, Cala de la Media Luna and Cala Carbón.


Are there alternatives to reach the beaches?

There is public transport that make the road to beaches and stops at Genoveses, Barronal and Mónsul Beach . At San Jose village bus stops near the public car park at the entrance of the village and at the fence to access to the road. The bus fare is 1€ per person .


Parada autobús playa Genoveses


The five euros that costs park the car in parking lots go for one party to pay the private owner of the land and partly to cleanup on beaches.


 Map of bus stops to the beaches of Mónsul and Genoveses

See bus stops to Monsul and Genoveses beaches in a larger map.





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