Photo Gallery of Manuel Peña Jiménez

Author's presentation

I had lived in Almeria for 15 years, and now, from a distance, I notice that I looked at it without seeing her singular beauty, that I touched without feeling its different faces and forms that existed in it, but I lived unaware of its benefits, and my senses never perceived as the land which gave shelter to my life.

About a year ago, in my quest to experience new leisure activities I opted for photography as an alternative hobby. This new phase has led to an astonishing change in me, through the lens of my camera now am learning to know, to look carefully to see and capture their uniqueness, beauty, exhaling the smallest things and especially to value the immense potential of our Natural Park Cabo de Gata-Nijar, the 3rd natural wonder of Spain, as a source of inspiration to all lovers in the different categories of photography.

In this page and for courtesy of its directors, whom I appreciate the gesture, it has given me the opportunity to present a small gallery of some of my work on my personal view of the most emblematic and representative place of Almería, its beautiful and heavenly Natural Park, I hope you like it. Kind regards.





Images and texts from under license:Licencia de Creative Commons

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