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Kayaking route cabo de gata


There is no better way to get to know the coast of the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Park than bordering it with a kayak or a sea kayak.

Kayak in Cabo de Gata

From within the sea you will see the best views of the rocky cliffs and the beaches of the Natural Park . With the kayak we can get close to parts of the coast that are inaccessible from the ground and thus find caves that the waves have carved in the rock, or enjoy small solitary coves where we will be the only bathers. You can navigate between rocks by the Mermaids reef or contemplate the fossil dune of the Escullos from within the water. The routes are innumerable, it is only necessary to take the precaution of being accompanied by an experienced guide who knows the area and knows when the navigation conditions are optimal and where you should pass with your kayak without taking risks.

Kayak route through Cabo de Gata

Discover the Natural Park while having fun sailing in a kayak

This is one of the best rated activities in Cabo de Gata. Enjoy a 2 or 3 hour kayaking route and discover the most emblematic and hidden parts of the Park. Recommended for the whole family.

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Kayaking in Natural Park
Recommended Activity

The routes are made bordering the coast without ever leaving it offering maximum security for participants. The routes range from the three-hour departure, to the half-day trip or even the entire day trip. It is a perfect activity to do in a group, each one taking a kayak or sharing each pair a two-seater. And highly recommended for all ages. As a safety measure, you should always plan the route in advance and take into consideration the time and waves that you will make in the area you want to visit.

What does a kayak route include?

Within the park there are several companies specialized in the organization of routes with kayak and in the rental of these boats. The excursions are always made in groups of about 20 people, and are accompanied at all times by at least one monitor that travels with the group in kayak and a motor boat that goes behind to watch that no one is left behind, and to act in case of needing rescue. All kayak excursions include liability insurance and accident insurance.

In all the routes a stop is made halfway in a cove to rest, and to those who wish it, could practice snorkel, the diving glasses are included by the kayak company. Taking advantage of the stop the monitor will offer nuts between the canoeists to regain strength and make the way back. On the way back to the departure beach, participants will be offered refreshments to hydrate.

Sea kayak in Cabo de Gata Almeria


Types of kayak

The kayaks used for the excursions use to be of the self-emptying type recommended for the initiation of this practice. These kayaks are very stable, easy to use and safe, and since they are not closed, it is very easy to get on them again if you fall overboard. Normally the kayaks used in routes are the two-seater type for two occupants, but also usually have smaller kayaks for a single person.

Two-seater self-emptying kayak

There is some company that makes routes with transparent kayaks. These allow us to see the seabed as we have never seen it before. These kayak are canoe type, and not being self-emptying if a lot of water accumulates inside we must empty it by hand. They are a little less manageable and less stable than the self-emptying model.

Two-seater transparent kayak

Rules of kayak use

The use of an approved lifejacket is mandatory to navigate in a kayak.

It should be noted that fishing from a kayak is prohibited, even if you have a fishing license from the shore, this permit is not valid from a kayak. If one of the frequent patrols of coastal guards that patrol the area caught us fishing from the kayak, in addition to receiving a sanction, fishing devices will be confiscated.

As we have already said, the tour operators are obliged to have civil liability and life insurance, covering both the damages to third parties and the damages that may be suffered by the participants in the trip. Likewise, the guides on the excursion must be certified and they must have a support motor boat during the couse of the route.


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  1. Isa 14/5/2019 21:43
    Fantastic. This weekend we did the kayak route from San José to the tomato cove and the views are very nice. We enter a cave and stop at the tomato cove to rest, and the brave ones bathe, because the water is still cold
    • Filo 7/5/2019 13:7
      I would like to sail in a kayak but I do not know if my physical condition is going to allow me because I do not usually practice sports and I do not know if I will endure a two-hour paddling trip. It's very hard? Do you have to be in shape to do the routes?
      • Ramón 22/5/2019 12:59
        Hello, Well you do not have to be an athlete to do a kayak route but you do have to have a certain physical condition, if you are a person who gets tired quickly on walks or leads a very sedentary life, it can be a bit hard. However, in kayak routes it is customary to use two-seater boats, so that between two people is easier. Also if a person is tired you can get on the support boat, or even this boat can tow the kayak with a rope.
      • Fede 6/5/2019 22:28
        At what time of year do the organized kayak routes begin? Now in May already work?
        • Ramon 7/5/2019 7:45
          Hello, the season starts at Easter, starting from this and every weekend, and the bridges, kayak routes are organized by Cabo de Gata. The high season starts in mid-June, where excursions are already organized daily, and it lasts until the end of September. For large groups of fifteen people or more, personalized departures can be organized at any time of the year, as long as the weather is good.
        • Ada 5/5/2019 22:59
          Hello I would like to know which are the most requested or most requested kayak routes and which ones do you recommend?
          • Ramon 6/5/2019 16:45
            Hello Ada, one of the most popular kayak routes is the Arrecife de las Sierenas, which departs from Fabriquilla beach, passes by the Cabo de Gata lighthouse and goes to the reef. Being a highly requested route, in high season, it is still a little overcrowded and it does not seem like such an authentic experience. For a more authentic route, we recommend San José to Cala del Tomate, where it goes through areas that are not accessible from the ground, or the Escullos route.





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