Diving and Snorkelling in Marine Reserve

Scuba diving and snorkel in Cabo Gata Nature Reserve


Cabo de Gata offers optimal conditions for diving, its funds are heterogeneous with sandy areas, areas of vegetation and rocky areas, and offers variety in landscape and type of animals that inhabit them. The visibility and cleanliness of your water is very high because they are in a protected area and sparsely populated, being able to see well at several meters away and watch one of the richest fund our shores. Because it's in an area that is characterized by very mild winters the diving is done in almost any season. Its collection of volcanic rock formations offer strange and dark caves that more experienced divers will enjoy exploring.


Snorkel in Cabo de Gata

Discover what is hidden under the water of the Natural Park

Snorkeling activity with an interpreter guide that will show you and explain the different marine habitats and the species that live in them. Recommended for the whole family.

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Snorkeling in Natural Park
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Being a marine reserve, permission is required for scuba diving which is issued in the Prefectures in Almería, in the offices of the Natural Park Cabo de Gata or in any of the diving clubs that exist in the park. In each population the park we will find at least a diving club that organizes guided tours of iconic sites for diving in the area such as the wreck El Arna, the Cave of the French, to the prairies of Posidonia or Stone of Groupers. Depending on the difficulty of the dive, our level or duration, prices vary, but they are certainly very competitive prices and unrivaled in the rest of Spain.


snorkel and diving gogglesAnother way to enjoy the sea floor without many complications is free diving or snorkeling. This method that only requires a breathing tube or snorkel, diving goggles and, optionally, flippers, allows us to observe marine life in shallow water. This way we can be with the head underwater and breathing through the tube for long periods without losing track of fish around us. No doubt this method does not offer the experience of scuba diving because the big fishes and in larger amounts, are within a certain depth, but it gives us a complementary activity, and highly recommended, the typical dip in the beach.


To learn more about the seabed and animal species that inhabit visit our page on the Marine Reserve of Cabo de Gata.


Scuba diving on Cabo Gata Natural Park






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