Western Villages in
Tabernas Desert

Mini Hollywood Almeria Spain


In the desert of Tabernas, a few miles from Cabo de Gata Natural Park, we find the old film sets of western towns, used in many western movies. Film producers found in this desert a scenario unique of natural beauty that reproduced exactly the landscapes of the American West and built sets and small towns of western cinema.


Cowboy in mini hollywood Almeria SpainThe movies began to be filmed in late 50s, and in the decades of 60 and 70 get the highest number of filmed movies. In the 80s began the decline but still rolling a number of films including a few blockbusters. Currently are filmed many TV commercials and music videos, and occasionally a movie or series that uses the film sets and daylight hours that offers Almería. In total, over 300 movies filmed mostly westerns.


Tabernas rose to stardom thanks to director Sergio Leone who filmed the mythical dollar trilogy starring Clint Eastwood (A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly) and his classic film Once Upon a Time in the West with Henry Fonda and Claudia Cardinale. A part of Western movies were filmed blockbusters such as Lawrence of Arabia, Cleopatra, Patton, Conan the Barbarian and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


The villages that are still in operation and make live entertainment for tourists are:

Oasys - Desert Theme Park Tabernas

show in Almeria SpainThe facilities can be found here are: Sheriff's office, the bank, the funeral, the telegraph office, the barbershop and other environments of the American West. A museum of cinema. A museum of carriages and stagecoaches. A cactus garden. The park Indian child. There is a show where you can see the good guy crawling on the floor , hanging the bad guy or fistfights. Another area of this park is a Zoo with many species, being the most striking animals that can see: alligators, bears, lynx, lesser flamingos, kangaroos, giraffes, hippos, tigers, an aviary and a reptile center.

Fort Bravo

In this town you can see: A Mexican village. The shows which reflect western fights between good and bad guys, good always winning. An American cemetery. Bisons from Arizona. American cows, etc.


The attractions are: Cowboys. Horses for rent to take a tour of the same village. A child wagon. A saloon. And, like the previous villages, a Western show, recreating the fight between good and bad guys.


Mini Hollywood film set in almeria Spain

Location of the Western villages in Tabernas

See Western Villages in Taernas in a larger map.





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